Health & Safety

Health and safety are very important to us. High standards are especially vital in the construction industry, where a minor oversight can have disastrous consequences. We have a great safety record to date, and we work closely with local consultants, Optimal Compliance, to ensure this remains the case. So, whatever the nature of your project, you can expect high standards from start to finish. For more information about how we work, contact our team today.

Outstanding Safety Record

We pride ourselves on the outstanding safety record we have established in our career to date. From day one, we have placed a significant emphasis on both risk management and protective measures. All of our team members have received extensive training in this and are closely supervised at all times.

We know better than anyone, that large-scale commercial projects involve especially strict levels of health and safety. As such, we will go above and beyond to contribute to the overall safety of your site, using the supply of all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our team.

Not only does this help protect everyone working on the site, but it also makes sure the project complies with all the relevant regulations, so your build is legally compliant as well as extremely safe.

Optimal Compliance

All health and safety matters at HD Carpentry are overseen by Optimal Compliance, a local consultancy company with high standards and a wealth of industry experience. Optimal Compliance provides professional advice and training to a number of contractors across South Wales, and we are proud of our close working relationship. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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For commercial carpenters who understand and follow the latest health and safety legislation, contact our team today.

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